Friday, February 22, 2008

The Rules of Being a CEO

Many Inspiring Youths Want to Be the Next Top CEO

The Question is:

How do you Achieve That?

As many experts within the leadership and industrial sectors have commented, being a CEO or a Top Company Executive does command certain Attributes that Support the Working Patterns and Leadership Presence of a CEO.

This Special Feature Unveils the Traits Needed to be Top CEOs. Hear it exclusively from the traits of Bill Gates, former CEO of Microsoft, Jack Welch, former CEO of GE and many more who have carved their Brilliance within the Corporate Leadership and Management Sector.

Exclusive Lesson on What It Takes to be CEOs

A Quote to be Remembered:
"Always Listen to Those who have Gone through those Experiences that You Want or Aim to Achieve. Learn from them, as You can Potentially Avoid THEIR Mistakes and Pave an even More Productive Way to Pursue those Experience Yourself. Always Listen and LEARN!"

A Different 'BITE' at CEO-ship

An exclusive look into the Roles and Lifestyles of the World's Most Creative & Dynamic Computing Conglomerate - Apple Macintosh through the eyes of CEO, Steve Jobs.

Listen and Watch as Steve Jobs explains how he WRESTLED Adversities and how he COMMANDED Creativity and Dynamism in Painting Apple's large range of Innovative Products.

Take a 'Bite' from Apple - A Steve Jobs Insight

Friday, February 8, 2008

Landing Your Riches at Google?

How do I GET Myself into the Bundle of Google's Riches?

Well, LAND or GET a Job THERE! The problem is, HOW? I mean, it is the 'Google.' You gotta be SO Smart that those SMART people in Google would LET You into their Work Team?

WELL, take an INSIDER Scoop one Getting EMPLOYMENT Opportunities with Google. Truly a Unique Experience by itself, the Human Resource Google Staffs have been more than HAPPY to Share their Experiences with Potential Job-Seekers.

Interviewing Session for a JOB @ Google

Getting Employed in Google is NOT Hard nor it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone. You just need to answer those FEW Self-Reflective Questions:

Why am i so AFRAID to give Google a TRY?
Am i so LOW that i, myself THINK that i am NOT Qualified to work for Google?
Am i NOT Worthy for Earning the Google Pay-Cheque?
Am i not the SMART people in Google?

The Golden Question: Why Am I Putting Myself, My Credibility & My Potentials So Low?

Have Some Strong Confidence, APPLY for Google! If you do not know the Way, D'Corporate shall GUIDE you through! Check these videos detailing HOW Do you GET Employed by Google!

The Work Experience @ Google - Life in a Productive & Fun Company!

Have FUN with Google! Truly a Company that Takes Care of your FUN Times and your Growth within your Career! Get MENTORSHIP! Get Interesting Products! Go to Parties!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Google's Story

Larry Page and Sergey Brin started their small-scale pet-project 'Google' culminating in an enormous Wealth for the Duo

How did they do it?
What makes Google so Significant in terms of Work-Culture & Organisational Management?
How did Google start from the brains of two Super-Computer Freaks?
How did Google make money?

The Working Experience @ Google - An Environment for INNOVATION

In an insider's look into the World of Google, this video details the History about this enormous Search Engine Phenomena to ever hit the Online World. Founded with its primary aim to facilitate Search Engine's Optimisation for Users on the Internet, the company faced numerous Challenges that would indeed Challenge the VERY Principle, in which the Founders BELIEVED in

--- Helping the Online World to Make Searching for Infoes Alot Easier, WITHOUT Any High Profits in Mind ---

However, with such a Giant Workforce to Spare and a whole Web Development & Innovation division to Sustain, How did Google Survive?

Two Billionaire Entrepreneurs Share their Tales of Success

Chairman of Virgin Group Speaks on Entrepreneurship Business Success

Turning Whacky Ideas into Mega-Profitable Entrepreneurial Ventures!

The Rebel-Billionaire - Sir Richard Branson shares his Insights on Running Your Own Successful Business.

How do you Manage Difficult Business Challenges?
How do you Manage Difficult People?
What are the TRAITS of Successful Entrepreneurs?
What are the TRAITS of Daring Entrepreneurs?
Golden Question: How and What Must You Do to START Your Successful Ventures?

Survival of Your Business - The Virgin Story - Build Your Brand

Sir Richard Branson is well known around the World for his Spirit and Business Acumen of Venturing into High-Risk Businesses, sometimes, Going Against Prominent Business Players within their Industries.

Given the title as the Rebel Billionaire, Sir Richard Branson's iconic Self-Brand as Fearless and Dare to Do Things Differently should be a Role-Model and a Success Story to all Entrepreneurs!

The Virgin 'Man' Speaks on Successful Entrepreneurs

Donald Trump Shares his Thoughts on Entrepreneurs

When You are FIRED, Get a BUSINESS!


World renowned Real-Estate Tycoon shares his thoughts on the Life of Being an Entrepreneur & Leading an Entrepreneurial Life. Donald Trump shares his perception on Why Entrepreneurs can be Successful People, living a More Comfortable Life compared to those with a JOB.

Perhaps ONE Selling Point would be, You can NEVER get FIRED. You can only FIRE YourSELF!

Donald Trump also shares his Insights about the Low-Percentage of People around the World (Particularly in the USA) who are afraid to take that ENTREPRENEURIAL Challenge!

Take the Challenge and Make Something Valuable, IMPACT-FUL and Profitable in Your Life Today!

Donald Trump Speaks on Entrepreneurship

World Computing Giant Speaks to Entrepreneurs

The Leading CEO of Dell Advices New Uprising Entrepreneurs

How do you grow a 'Room-based business' (Story of how Dell started) into a world renowned conglomerate in the Computing Industry? Is that EFFORT called Entrepreneurial or is HE just plain SMART?

Michael Dell, the leading CEO of Dell answers your Questions and Doubts as he shares his Secrets on What Does it Take to be a Successful Entrepreneur! Learn about his Success Skills and Adapt it to Benefit Your Business.

Michael Dell Advices Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Important Key Elements:

  • Dare to try
  • Dare to Fail, only to Succeed
  • Dare to Innovate, while Others Follow
  • Dare to Risk It, while Others are Comfortable with It

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Founder of Bit Torrent Speaks

When Countries are Combating Piracies over the Internet, This Young Lad is Speaking to Companies like Fox, Universal Pictures & Hollywood on How THEY can Work Together to Get PROFITS from p2p application.

Ashwin Navin relates his adventures on embarking on his venture that began Bit-Torrent, turning it into an Online Download Engine for all sort of files and Negotiating Deals with Movie Giants on Copyrights and Releasing Download Rights on the Internet.

Now a BOOMING company, Ashwin serves as the President of Bit-Torrent, and based on his 'Stocks' on the company, the company is just going to GROW Bigger and BIGGER!

Our Download Engine P2P Wizard - Ashwin Navin Speaks: