Friday, February 1, 2008

Youth'08 - Malaysia's 1st National Youth Entrepreneurship Convention 2008

A CEO at the age Below 30 who Started from Scratch!

Has company branches all over Asia, where the company humbly started with the teamwork of three Entrepreneurship-Driven Brothers!

Truly Inspiring - Kenny Goh, CEO of MacroKiosk, Malaysia

Kenny Goh made his Fortune in the Mobile & Networking business where he started his venture with his brothers at a very tender teenage age. They founded and funded their company from scratch, paving their way through Challenges in the Mobile World!

Follow their Journey, from the Introduction of Macro Kiosk ---> Through it being Listed under the Malaysian Stock Exchange (KLSE) ---> Its enormous Expansion into 10 different countries ---> Leading the Mobile Marketing & Network industry in Malaysia, and some say - Asia!

Truly Inspiring and it teaches you the Tough & Challenging Steps of Turning your Entrepreneurial Venture into the NEXT Public Listed Company and Reign its Global Expansion!

Hey, your company MAY be NEXT!

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