Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Owner of myNews.Com Speaks on his Entrepreneurial Adventure

Retailing Made Simple and Profitable!

Aligned with the launching of Young & Successful People Week 2008, i have recently found a video, detailing about Wen Dang.

Who is Wen Dang?

Wen Dang is a local, Malaysian entrepreneur, Revolutionizing the Malaysian News-Stand Retailing market, but introducing a 'Hybrid' between a Small Cafe Restaurant and your regular everyday, News-Stand Retailer.

The Owner of (Retailer + Cafe owner + News-Stand Shop) Speaks to through Youtube

Deploying such strategies as:

- Rapid Expansion to Capitalize Market-Growth

Rapid pace of growth for the organization by setting up retail shops in prominent malls across the country, spawning around 100 outlets nation wide. They are also currently looking for overseas' investors. Anyone interested?

- Diversify & Differentiate!

Who would have thought that a Mediocre-Style Retailer like the ones around the News-Stand Retailing industry could introduce a Cafe' format (Identical to Starbucks in Borders), to actually Sky-Rocket its retailing image? Well, did it very well!

Please have a look at the video for your Retailing Entrepreneurship Experience!

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