Friday, February 8, 2008

Landing Your Riches at Google?

How do I GET Myself into the Bundle of Google's Riches?

Well, LAND or GET a Job THERE! The problem is, HOW? I mean, it is the 'Google.' You gotta be SO Smart that those SMART people in Google would LET You into their Work Team?

WELL, take an INSIDER Scoop one Getting EMPLOYMENT Opportunities with Google. Truly a Unique Experience by itself, the Human Resource Google Staffs have been more than HAPPY to Share their Experiences with Potential Job-Seekers.

Interviewing Session for a JOB @ Google

Getting Employed in Google is NOT Hard nor it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone. You just need to answer those FEW Self-Reflective Questions:

Why am i so AFRAID to give Google a TRY?
Am i so LOW that i, myself THINK that i am NOT Qualified to work for Google?
Am i NOT Worthy for Earning the Google Pay-Cheque?
Am i not the SMART people in Google?

The Golden Question: Why Am I Putting Myself, My Credibility & My Potentials So Low?

Have Some Strong Confidence, APPLY for Google! If you do not know the Way, D'Corporate shall GUIDE you through! Check these videos detailing HOW Do you GET Employed by Google!

The Work Experience @ Google - Life in a Productive & Fun Company!

Have FUN with Google! Truly a Company that Takes Care of your FUN Times and your Growth within your Career! Get MENTORSHIP! Get Interesting Products! Go to Parties!

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juno said...

awsome you gave me great info about google.thanx