Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Founder of Bit Torrent Speaks

When Countries are Combating Piracies over the Internet, This Young Lad is Speaking to Companies like Fox, Universal Pictures & Hollywood on How THEY can Work Together to Get PROFITS from p2p application.

Ashwin Navin relates his adventures on embarking on his venture that began Bit-Torrent, turning it into an Online Download Engine for all sort of files and Negotiating Deals with Movie Giants on Copyrights and Releasing Download Rights on the Internet.

Now a BOOMING company, Ashwin serves as the President of Bit-Torrent, and based on his 'Stocks' on the company, the company is just going to GROW Bigger and BIGGER!

Our Download Engine P2P Wizard - Ashwin Navin Speaks:

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