Friday, February 22, 2008

The Rules of Being a CEO

Many Inspiring Youths Want to Be the Next Top CEO

The Question is:

How do you Achieve That?

As many experts within the leadership and industrial sectors have commented, being a CEO or a Top Company Executive does command certain Attributes that Support the Working Patterns and Leadership Presence of a CEO.

This Special Feature Unveils the Traits Needed to be Top CEOs. Hear it exclusively from the traits of Bill Gates, former CEO of Microsoft, Jack Welch, former CEO of GE and many more who have carved their Brilliance within the Corporate Leadership and Management Sector.

Exclusive Lesson on What It Takes to be CEOs

A Quote to be Remembered:
"Always Listen to Those who have Gone through those Experiences that You Want or Aim to Achieve. Learn from them, as You can Potentially Avoid THEIR Mistakes and Pave an even More Productive Way to Pursue those Experience Yourself. Always Listen and LEARN!"

A Different 'BITE' at CEO-ship

An exclusive look into the Roles and Lifestyles of the World's Most Creative & Dynamic Computing Conglomerate - Apple Macintosh through the eyes of CEO, Steve Jobs.

Listen and Watch as Steve Jobs explains how he WRESTLED Adversities and how he COMMANDED Creativity and Dynamism in Painting Apple's large range of Innovative Products.

Take a 'Bite' from Apple - A Steve Jobs Insight


iCalvyn said...

same lo, i also have the same wish, but need to hardworking to achieve, looking for good oppurtunity

Jason Gan said...

Michael, I think this is a great piece of work you've put together.

I see one thing, that is passion. It is not about how hardworking you're, how creative you're, how much cash you have to toy around, or how good the opportunity you're in...

It is about how much you love what you're doing, and do you actually put your heart into it. :)

william said...

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kwpang said...

Being a CEO or top executive is really not that easy, when you are not there yet you think they are bad, when you are there will will know the pressure from all kind of directions.

Anonymous said...

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