Saturday, February 2, 2008

13 Years Old Entrepreneur CEO in India!

13 Years Old CEO in India! Storming the market with Board Game!

Remember those 13 years old Era of Awesomeness! Remember those times where we would either need to get our pocket money from our beloved parents through chores or work, OR working as a part time sales person?

WELL, Hello India! Look at How you are Growing!

I am not talking in the sense of its Economical Development alone. I am talking about its Scary Human Capital Development! At this rapid economical development age, India has produced a CEO at the Age of 13!!! Oh Gosh!

This kid is a genius! Having envisioned a Board Game / Card Game to facilitate the needs of the growing Indian 'Children' market. In this remarkable interview, was able to catch a glimpse of what this NEW, UPRISING and Very YOUNG CEO have to share with us.

13 Years Old CEO Speaks!

Should we be proud of ourselves?

The Author / D'Corporate is turning 21, and yet he is still working to make Ends Meet. Sigh...

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