Friday, February 1, 2008

Youth'08 - Malaysia's 1st National Youth Entrepreneurship Convention 2008

The Coolest Entrepreneur!

Your HSBC Young Entrepreneur Champion! Ng Khailee himself!

Ng Khailee is a young Malaysian, famous within the Malaysian context for his wide range of business projects, mainly aimed at Youths. He is renowned for working with the Best I.T. Brains in the World, as you can expect quotes and references to Microsoft, Facebook and MySpace.

Truly an Awesome Celebrity-cum-Entrepreneur!

He is the Founder of - the Malaysian Socio-Political site, the very few Active and Crowded internet site in Malaysia, populated with comments from youths all around the world, towards the shaping of Malaysia's political and social agendas.

He founded Project Bazooka, which provides some service to the Local Music Industry. And he is one of the Brains behind MindValley, a team of youth entrepreneurs on the EVERYDAY Run to produce the Next Big Thing!

Khailee has personally shared his wisdom and points of view with me, when i met him. His only advise is...

WATCH the VIDEO - Presenting the Technopreneur, Ng Khailee @ Youth'08

Found your ANSWER? Well, you better!

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