Friday, February 1, 2008

Youth'08 - Malaysia's 1st National Youth Entrepreneurship Convention 2008

Making Money Through Blog-Advertising! Is It Real?!!!

This is a very inspirational video recorded at the Youht'08 Festival at PWTC last month. This is truly one inspirational look at the Top 13 Best Youth Entrepreneurs in Malaysia! This is truly an amazing experience as I was THERE! :)

The very 1st video is from the Founder of Nuffnang who happens to be a Friend to a Friend of Mine. But subsequently, after my encounter with him at the Youth'08 event, we became somewhat of a Contact, so to speak.

Nuffnang is known as Asia's 1st Blog Advertising Medium/Agency which provides a platform for bloggers to advertise for Nuffnang's clients, while earning revenues on Pay-Per-Click basis. Simply amazing, considering the fact that Nuffnang's Direct-Competitor is Google (!).

However, the Moral of the Story is...Niche Marketing WORKS! By Zooming towards catering the needs of the Asian market ALONE, Nuffnang has grown to become a reputable Blog Advertiser in the Blogosphere!

Please have a look at this video by Timothy Tiah, the very Founder of Nuffnang.

For you, Aspiring Entrepreneurs - Perhaps You may Uncover the Secrets of How these Young Entrepreneurs Stood Out!

Nuffnang Founder Interview @ NTV7 - How Nuffnang Began!

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