Friday, February 1, 2008

Youth'08 - Malaysia's 1st National Youth Entrepreneurship Convention 2008

Who Said You Can't Make Money Through Blogs?!!!

Learn from the Grand-Master himself - Kenny Sia! Malaysia's Top Blogger-cum-Celebrity

With his Blog being HIT by 9 million people worldwide and IT is still CLIMBING! With page views per day amounting to 300+ Clicks and Impressions on a Single Day! Boy, isn't he a FREAK! Who said you can't be a Celebrity by just laying around in front of your computer and BLOG BLOG BLOG!

Well, Kenny Sia is here to share with you, about his Secrets to Blogging! Check this Video Out!

As a complimentary gift by D'Corporate of, who happens to know Kenny Sia as well, PLEASE do visit his website @

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What Tips would He Reveal?

1) Learn how to Make Money through Blogging!
2) Learn how to BLOG BLOG BLOG & BLOG without Being Sick of It!
3) Learn how to become a CELEBRITY and Start Getting Free Products and Air-Trips while Doing Endorsements!

Check it out, fellow Bloggers, because D'Corporate WAS THERE!

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